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M.A. Medical & Sports Tech


M.A.'s wearable ECG monitor and movement sensor is a Class IIa certified medical device that can be used to measure heart rate and movements. This device is essential for transforming your big idea into a new healthcare solution. The programmable, wireless ECG and movement sensor can be used to provide data for medical applications and host devices. 

Our sensor is small and lightweight, making it perfect for everyday use. The flexible supply of sensors with your own branding and custom firmware makes the delivery process smoother.


Track anything that moves

M.A. Active is an ideal platform for monitoring althetes movements, stats, and other activities. With integrated movement measurement, and an open API, M.A. Active can provide new insights into all sports in the world.

Optimize training, recovery, and performance with comprehensive physiological analytics.


Analyze the collective and individual feedback from your most recent event, keep tabs on progress over time, compare your team's performance, and provide comprehensive reports to athletes and coaches. Eliminate any uncertainty and ensure that the your athletes are performing effectively. 

Data is constantly updated in real-time. Ready for coaches and trainers during practice or games. Athletes can “put on the Sensors and go” thanks to in-built memory and an embedded processor. Our sensors provides accurate post-session insights without testing.